ROMANS: A Comprehensive Course in Christian Living

Paul’s letter to the Romans — written to a church he had never visited — summarizes all that he had been preaching throughout his ministry: sin, salvation, grace, obedience, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

This series examines the book of Romans passage by passage, helping believers develop a creed to live by. We see how Paul defined himself and his mission — and how we are to define ourselves.

As we examine his teachings on grace and forgiveness, we are able to learn how to reckon ourselves dead to sin, and how to experience the power of the promise: “There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.”

This series contains 35 sermons — including a “series within a series” on holiness which covers chapters 6-8.

1. A G.O.A.L Oriented Lifestyle
Romans 1:1-7

3. Something So Right
Romans 1:16-17

5. Taking Steps To Authenticity
Romans 2:1-29

7. Escaping the Human Condition
Romans 3:1-27

9. What Faith Can Do
Romans 4:13-25

11. What Good Is Suffering?
Romans 5:1-5

13. Say Goodbye To Guilt
Romans 5:12-21

15. A New Way of Keeping Score
Romans 7:1-6 (BE GOOD)

17. Make Up Your Mind to be Holy
Romans 8:1-17 (BE GOOD)

19. Surviving Saturday
Romans 8:1-39

21. God Is On Our Side
Romans 8:16-39

23. Why You Can Trust God
Romans 9:6-33

25. God Is Ready When You Are
Romans 11:1-36

27. What Do You Know?
Romans 12:2

29. The Ten Commandments of Love
Romans 12:9-21

31. What Do I Owe You
Romans 13:8-12

33. Let’s Work Together
Romans 15:1-15

35. What Makes You Extraordinary
Romans 16:1-27

2. What It Means To Be Missional
Romans 1:8-16

4. Can’t We Leave God Out of This?
Romans 1:18-32

6. Experiencing the Grace of God
Romans 3:21-31

8. Where It All Begins Is Where It All Ends
Romans 4:1-25

10. What To Do When Your Life Is A Mess
Romans 5:1-11

12. Freedom From the Past
Romans 5:12-21

14. Winning the War on Sin
Romans 6:1-23 (BE GOOD)

16. Going the Distance
Romans 7:15-25 (BE GOOD)

18. More Than Conquerors
Romans 8:16-39 (BE GOOD)

20. A Case for Optimism
Romans 8:28

22. The Power of Living With Passion
Romans 9:1-5

24. How The Christian Life Works
Romans 10:1-21

26. What Do You Think?
Romans 12:2

28. Team Extreme
Romans 12:3-8

30. I Pledge Allegiance
Romans 13:1-7

32. How To Be Right All The Time
Romans 14:1-23

34. Writing the Story of Your Life
Romans 15:15-32

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