(Alternate title: The Road Less Traveled)

This six part series focuses on the less “glamorous” aspects of discipleship. While peace and joy and power and victory are every believer’s birthright, it is also true that our journey includes some rugged terrain: trials and tribulations, setbacks and disappointments, struggles with self, even long nights and lonely hours.

As we enter into the season of lent, this series is designed to help us prepare our hearts so that we may surrender ourselves to Christ in complete devotion, holding nothing back, determined to follow him where ever he may lead.

(This series include graphics for each optional series title.)

Sermons include:

1. No Short Cuts
Mark 1:9-15

2. Beyond the Sandlot
Mark 8:31-38

3. Courageous Leadership
John 2:13-22

4. The Law of Where You Look
John 3:14-21

5. Facing Life’s Greatest Challenge
John 12:23-28

6. Living in the Now (Palm Sunday)
John 12:12-16

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