Build disciples. Preach with impact. See lives changed.

Every preacher knows the frustration of doing everything they know to do in the process of preparing a sermon, and seeing the same lack of results week in and week out. No matter how many hoops you jump through, nothing changes.

Sometimes it’s caused by too many demands on your time, preventing you from devoting as many hours as you would like to sermon preparation.

Sometimes it’s a lack of fresh ideas. You know what you want to say. You know what needs to be said. And you’re looking for a new way to say it.

It’s not that you need to preach someone else’s sermon — no preacher wants to do that. But sometimes a little nudge in the right direction would be a big help.

Every preacher I know values a resource that helps you prepare a message you can call your own.

And every pastor I know wants to see Christ formed in others:

• Seekers become Believers.
• Visitors become Members.
• Hearers become Doers.
• The Casually-Committed become Fully-Devoted Followers.

As a pastor, to a big extent this rests on you. The sermon your listeners hear on Sunday — more than anything else they’ll hear this week — has the power to influence them in their daily walk with Christ.

What an awesome responsibility! What an amazing opportunity!

It’s the reason we teach and preach: Good preaching changes lives.

This is where Preaching Library comes in.

Preaching Library is a practical resource offering hundreds of sermon starters, series ideas, message outlines and manuscripts, as well as thousands of sermon illustrations to help you put together dynamic, uplifting, life-changing messages, week-in and week-out.

This isn’t a collection of “Saturday night specials.” Preaching Library is a complete research/resource library used by pastors and teachers world-wide to develop practical, uplifting, Biblically-solid messages from start-to-finish.

In the past 24 years more than 100,000 pastors and teachers have used our resources — in print, online and digital format — to help them get ready for the task of teaching God’s Word to God’s people.

A Resource to Help You Get Ready for Sunday

sermon resourccesWe offer practical sermons framed in solid Biblical teaching highlighted with contemporary illustrations. Plus graphics and power-point presentations.

We’ve done the groundwork so that you can take an idea and run with it. The end result is that, as you prepare your message, you’re able to cover more territory in less time.

• This means that you can say good-bye to staring at a blank page.

• You can say good-bye to not enough time to prepare.

• You can say good-bye to not having the tools you need to fully develop your best ideas.

Whether it’s a creativity-jump-start, or an illustration or two to help you get to the finish line, or just to see a text from another preacher’s perspective — you’ll find it at the Preaching Library, week in and week out.

Bottom line: This is a resource that helps you get the job done. And helps you see the results you want to see.

And now this resource is better than ever.

In addition to 10,000 pages of sermon resources, Preaching Library now includes a one-year membership to Preaching Academy — an Advanced Course in Communication designed to help you maximize every aspect of your preaching ministry: how you prepare, what you prepare, and how you deliver the message God has laid on your heart.

You’re one step away from preaching with greater impact than ever before.

Preaching Library sermons onlinePreaching Library membership includes:

• 750+ sermons.
• 100 complete sermon series
• 5000 sermon illustrations
• Hundreds of devotionals and articles
• 24/7 access to our resources
• New sermons added each month
• Powerpoint presentations and series graphics.

• Preaching Academy Advanced Course
• Additional Reading & Study Materials
• Hundreds of preaching related articles
• One year of updates

A complete Preaching Library / Preaching Academy membership is $149