New Series: REAL ID

Who am I, really?

It’s a question many have asked.

Is your identity determined by your ancestry? Your history? Your lot in life? Are you defined by what others say about you, or by what you think of yourself? Is it our best deeds that make us who we are, or is it our worst mistakes?

The Bible teaches that it is none of these. Instead, our identity is found in Christ. You are who he says you are. This series examines the Scriptural teaching on the new nature we receive — and the new creation we become — through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2020 Vision

The key to living a life a vision involves more than just long-term planning. It involves more than merely knowing where you want to be and what you do.

Vision also involves having a clear understanding of where you are today, and which steps you need to take in order to make your vision become reality.

This three part series is designed to help you develop a long-term vision for the coming year — as well as the years to come — by helping tap into the power of each individual day.

Back to the Basics

Some things in life are so essential, so fundamental, that you will never outgrow your need for them.

The most accomplished musicians still must get in tune before they perform; the most gifted athletes still must warm-up before they compete. You will never outgrow your need for sleep and proper nutrition. These are basic to healthy living.

This five part series focuses on the fundamental principles of spiritual growth, including daily prayer, Bible study, Christian service and fellowship. More…

It Only Takes a SparkIt Only Takes a Spark

This series examines five foundational teachings of Jesus that have the power to ignite the spark of change — in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us.

This series encourages us to be the initiator in the change we want to see take place, as in: “I’ll take the first step toward peace, toward reconciliation, toward forgiveness, toward kindness, and toward compassion.” The promise of Jesus is that when we strike the match, so to speak, the fire will begin to spread. More…

Fixed Focus sermon seriesFixed Focus

When a camera boasts the feature called fixed focus, it means that the lens is automatically able to identify and zero in on the subject of the photograph, ensuring that this one object is sharper and clearer than everything else in the image. If you have a phone, you’ve no doubt seen this technology in action.

It’s the same with an effective, productive life. Those who live well are able to fix their focus on what really matters, making the most worthwhile goals and objectives sharper and clearer than the rest. More…

Fruit of the SpiritFruitable

What does a spiritually mature person look like?

The Apostle Paul gives an idea of what to expect. The spiritually mature person will demonstrate nine key qualities: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. We know them as the Fruit of the Spirit.

This 10 part series examines each aspect of the Spirit’s fruit, considering how we can nurture and cultivate each quality until it becomes part of our daily experience. More…

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