Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his disciples to go into all the world and make disciples. How could this tiny ragtag group of believers have an impact in all the world? The book of Acts tells us how it was done.

The early church serves as a model for the church today. If we will make their priorities our priorities, if we will proclaim the message as they proclaimed, if we will follow their example of ministry, we too can make a difference in the world we live in.

Sermons include:

Jesus Is The Answer
Acts 10:34-43

What It Takes To Make a Difference
Acts 5:27-32

The Road to Greatness
Acts 9:1-20

How To Be Used By God
Acts 9:36-43

Breaking Down the Barriers
Acts 11:1-18

Seeker-Targeted Ministry
Acts 16:9-15

What Good is Doing Good?
Acts 16:16-34

The Wind of Change
Acts 2:1-42

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