Life is about more than just working towards retirement. It’s about more than just the accumulation of things. Every follower of Jesus Christ desires to make a difference in the world, to leave a legacy that outlives us.

This is also true of the church. We’ve been given a mission: Go and change the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This series shows us how we, together and individually, can make a mark that makes a difference. These messages focus on 8 key values that were evident in the ministry of the early church — and must be evident in our lives today.

Sermons include:

1. Random Acts of Goodness
Acts 10:38

2. Common Ground
Acts 4:32-35

3. Master Living
Acts 3:19

4. Only One Name
Acts 4:12

5. A Story to Tell
Acts 8:26-40

6. Life Without Borders
Acts 10:44-48

7. The Next Step
Acts 1:8

8. Never Too Nothing
Acts 2:17-21

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