Jesus Up Close and Personal

If you were asked to introduce Jesus to someone who had never heard of him, who knew nothing about him, what would you tell them?

This new seven part series is designed as an introduction to the person of Jesus Christ — his eternal existence, his life on earth, his teaching, his miracles, and, of course, his death and resurrection.

Join us for this journey in knowing Jesus.

Sermons include:

1. Why Should We Follow Jesus?
Philippians 3:10

2. The Man for Others (The Servant of All)
Philippians 2:5-11

3. The Greatest Teacher Who Ever Lived
Luke 6:47-48

4. The Miracle Worker
John 6:26-27

5. The Lamb of God
John 1:29

6. The Son of Mary
Luke 2:52

7. He is Here
Matthew 28:20

This series is available with a Preaching Library Membership.