The Preaching Library offers 13 Christmas series, most consisting of three or four messages each.

Our most reason series is called Tis the Season, featuring three messages focused on exploring the foundational truths of the Christmas message.

You can learn about more of our Christmas series and sermons in the links in the right column of this page. (Scroll down if you’re using a mobile device.)

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Each message in each series comes with a complete manuscript and fully developed power point presentation. Each series also includes customizable series graphics.

In addition to our series, we have dozens of Christmas sermon illustrations.

When you subscribe to the Preaching Library you have access to all of our Christmas resources as well as our complete archives: 750 sermons, 100 sermon series, and 5000 illustrations, plus power points and series graphics.

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Preaching Library sermons

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We have sermons covering virtually every text and topic, so no matter what you’re preaching, we have resources to you research and develop your content.

What you can expect from our sermons

• Bible-based. Most of our messages are developed from one specific text, with the major points of the message pulled from the text. This is for a simple reason: People who hear the Bible preached Sunday after Sunday are more likely to make it part of their lives Monday to Saturday.

• Listed by text and topic. We have organized and indexed our messages so that you can find what you are looking for quickly. You can find all the sermons about Grace, Mercy, Leadership, etc. Or all the sermons from Philippians 3, Matthew 7, etc.

• Practical and Uplifting. A strong emphasis in personal application, showing your listeners how to become doers of the Word. Our sermons will help you give your people something they can put into practice between Sundays.

• Special days and seasons. We have multiple messages (and series) for all the special days and seasons in the Christian year and the calendar year. This includes several New Year’s Day, Easter, Pentecost, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

• Lectionary Options. We always have at least one message (and often more) that follows one of the readings in the Revised Common Lectionary. In our members area we have a lectionary page with sermon links so that you can easily find messages related to the readings.

The Preaching Library helps you solve your biggest preaching-related problems.

Solve the “blank page” dilemma.
Thousands of ideas to kick start your creativity.

Plan your preaching calendar.

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